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SEO Link Building Top Tips

SEO Link Building Top Tips: Part one.

Our first five top tips guide will help you understand what needs to be done in order to get the best results from any SEO link building campaign.

Our SEO Link building Top tips will help you get the most out of your link building campaign. Link Building is one of the biggest and most important parts about any Search Engine Optimisation project. Google is getting smarter and smarter with each update they bring out. The clever people at Google are trying to fish out all those who do not deserve to be placed highly on search pages due to spammy looking link profiles set up in the early days of the search engine optimisation. These days its all about building a brand name which has a good reputation and allows the user the most friendly way to find out what they need, this can be for anything from just plain information on something to  buying clothes. With the right kind of optimisation to your website – On-Page followed up with a good Off-Page strategy, Google will start pushing up your site in the search results for the desired keywords you want to target depending on how strong your competitor’s SEO is.

SEO Link Building Top Tips


Any decent SEO guru, when planning a Link Building strategy, will investigate the websites current link profile to assess what needs to be done. Knowing what links your site currently has is absolutely vital in planning any further link building. Some websites will need more work than others, and if your website is a new site then the planning and implementation of a link building strategy will be easy. If, for instance, your website has been around for a few years you may have a link profile you did not realise was there. There are a number of Directories which seem to add links to sites without permission or allow anyone to submit a site for linking with no regard to if that person actually owns the site or has asked them to post it. For instance we have had dealings with a Directory which linked to a clients site with hundreds of  irrelevant links coming from many directory websites they owned. In total they own around 200 different website directories and will post your links on all of them regardless of the importance of relevance. In the eyes of Google these would be classed as spam links and it will really hurt your rankings because of this. This can be resolved, for more information on how see our Removing spam links from a websites link profile.


The best thing to do with any link building is to make sure the strategy looks (in the eyes of Google) as natural as possible. If Google picks up on any unusual linking patterns you will have to start from square one again. Now that you have your strategy for link building ready its time to start finding the right places to post your links, this is the tricky part. It is even more so if you do not know much on the process. Google has a selection of advance search commands which you can use to your advantage in finding decent resources to post your links. Using a combination of Blog comments, Forums Posts, Article Submissions and so on you will be able to target the right places and people to your site. One thing not to do is just go posting everywhere possible. Try and have an even mix of low page ranks sites and high page rank sites wherever possible. These days it is more about quality then quantity in the eyes of Google.


When building the links make sure you use a combination of different anchor texts for each link as this will help promote different key words for your website. Also make sure you are not just linking to the homepage all the time, mix it up a little and link to the pages with in your website, make sure that if you do this it is relevant content to where you are posting the link and make sure your anchor text is also relevant. By doing this you will help your website get seen for the keywords you are using.


One thing you should never do is pay for links. These link generally end up being spam links, they will affect your website authority with Google and drop you down the rankings in search results. If this is something already done then it can be recovered but could cost you more money as people are now starting to charge for the removal of links as another way to make some easy money.


Do not rush things, building too many links from the word go could really hurt your website. Take your time in building that authoritative link profile. In doing so you will make it harder for your competition to outrank you. Remember though, you will need to keep on with the link building in order to stay up in the rankings.  Always keep a track of your links and keep checking using Google’s Webmasters Tools in case the competition starts using some Black Hat techniques against your website.

That concludes the first part of our Top Tips SEO Link Building guide, we will be posting the next five top tips for SEO Link Building in a months time. If you would like a Free SEO Website Audit please contact us for you Free Website Audit today.


By Philip Billson


Managing Director of a PR & Digital Marketing Agency with offices in Lancing, Sussex.
We provide Public Relations, Multi-Media Marketing, Digital Marketing and Social Media services with Paid Search Management and Website design and Development.
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